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Street Techniques
Yesterday, I drove up to Charlotte to do a TV show for Speedvision. It is from Flowery Branch just over 200 miles, and like always I was amazed at some of the things that I saw drivers do. So I figured I would take a break from what I usually discuss, and go over some other things that will make you a better driver.

First off, everyone should back off on the tailgating. I think everyone has been watching way to much Nascar racing !!! There is nothing that puts you at bigger risk than driving 70 plus MPH and being two car lengths off of the car in front of you. It's pretty simple, but if that cat in front of you hits his brakes, you are going to hit him, and likely take both of you out. Give yourself and the other drivers room to work. The two second rule works. When that car in front of you passes a point, it should take you two seconds to count prior to you passing the same point. If you don't make two are too close. That leads us to the next comment.

If you ever get passed on the right by another car (unless you are in England, Japan, or Australia), then you are a wanker !! Pay attention to the traffic behind you, and if someone quicker comes up, move to a slower lane and let him pass. It's not rocket science, but by doing that, traffic moves easier and thus safer.

I think everyone, before they get their license to drive, should have to sit in the cab of a semi or other big truck. If you have, you would never cut in front of one again on the highway. Your car is so totally insignificant to them size wise. If they have to slow down and you are just in front of them...well it is game over for you. Give those guys room, and be aware that they might be on the final leg of a several day journey, and not be all that alert.

This next one really bugs me. If you know that you are going to make a turn up ahead, put on your signal before you hit the brakes. This lets the driver behind you prepare for what you are going to do. Everyday I see someone slow down, and then at the last second put on their blinker. It is in your own interest to use your signal properly and thus reduce the chances of getting rear ended. least for now...use your mirrors !!! Your rear view mirror should be set up to see what is behind you, and your side view mirrors to see what is next to you. Most people set their side view mirrors so that they can also see what is behind them. Use those side mirrors to cover your blind spot. I always set mine so that I can just barely, if I move my head, see the side of my car. That way, should I need to change lanes quickly, I don't have to turn my head and look over my shoulder to check my blind spot. A quick glance in the side mirror tells me I am clear to move.

Be smart on the streets, and be safe Johnny O